This kit is ideal for organizing and storing mounted 35mm sides. Slides are easy to locate and easily accessed for viewing or transport. Each box holds up to 40 cardboard or thin plastic mounted slides. Furnished labels identify box contents and label for storage case will identify case contents for easy location of desired slides.

Storage system includes

Each storage kit includes the following:

One storage case
25 slide boxes
30 slide box labels
2 storage case labels
Storage case size:12 x 11 x2

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Two Storage Kits  $19.95

Extra Box Labels ( 30 per sheet )
5 Sheets  $4.99
10 Sheets   $7.99
20 Sheets  $14.99

Extra Case Labels
12 Labels  $5.89
24 Labels  $9..89

How They Work

Step 1

Lay flat box down with score line bumps facing you and the shiny side of the box facing down. Next fold the lid side of the box up 90 degrees as shown in the photo and then fold the first end flap forward.

Step 2

Now fold the front of the box up 90 degrees and then fold the second end flap in so it overlaps the first end flap.

Step 3

With the two end flaps overlapping each other, you can now fold the outer end panel up and over the two flaps and lock the end panel tab into the locking slot in the bottom of the box.

Step 4

With the first end panel secured, you can now fold over the two end flaps on the opposite end of the box and secure it in place by folding the remaining end panel up and over these two end flaps. You can now close the slide box by folding the top panel down while tucking the top tab into the box.

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